Torchlight 5K

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My July race wasn’t as hot as it could be and I am grateful!

The Start
There were a ton of people running it. The results say that there were 4,949 people. They started us in waves. It was over 20 minutes before we even started running. We just stood in the chute waiting and waiting and waiting. Eric was really getting annoyed! Finally our time came and we took off with the herd. My first mile was going great. We were averaging under 10:30 minute miles…then we stopped.

So apparently we have to stop for the light rail trains…very lame! So we ran almost a mile and had to stop…dead, cold stop…to let the trains pass…yes multiple trains. Very annoyed! I was doing so well, on pace to have my best mile split ever and we had to stop for the damn trains. That added at least 10 seconds to my time. I know that doesn’t seem much but it pissed me off.  The trains passed through and we were allowed to go again. So from a dead cold stop we had to get our legs moving again…for 2 blocks.

We ran 2 blocks and they stopped us AGAIN! WTF? We had to stop so traffic could go through. You have got to be kidding me. This really pissed me off because that was another 10-15 seconds if not longer tacked on to my time. I should have stopped my watch! So I was angry. Thankfully there was a water station soon after that because I was thirsty. I ran through the water station, trying to make up the almost 30 seconds I lost because of stopping.

The Finish
I really tried to push myself the last mile and half because I wanted to still try and beat my previous mark and I wanted a time in the 35s. I was so close the last half a mile I was running under 10 minute pace for a while but I came up short…my time was 36:13. DAMMIT!  Not only did I not beat my previous best time, I was 13 seconds away from getting a 35 time. I was so pissed when I crossed the finish line. Most people are happy but not me I was angry. The damn trains and buses denied my personal best.

Overall I’d rate this race as frustrating. I know I could have kicked my pace up in the middle to make up for the 30 seconds I lost but I just didn’t have that in me. Stopping twice after getting up to speed and trying to get back up to the faster pace is really hard.

No pictures of this race. It is probably a good thing because I would not have been smiling at the end. :( Here are my splits. My first mile would have been under 11 if I didn't have to stop for the trains and my second mile would have been under 11:30 if I didn't have to stop for the buses. My average pace was 11:27. 

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