All-Star Exhaustion

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Well I made it through all the All Star activities and I’m still exhausted. 

Fan Fest
Saturday after the triathlon we went home, showered and went to Fan Fest. My take on Fan Fest is it really wasn’t exciting for me. There were nice exhibits but all the activities cost money so you pay a lot to get in and then more to do the activities. Plus I refuse to pay for an autograph. I think that is silly. These people make/made a ton of money they don’t need more money just for their signatures. Lame!  We were there about 2 hours before we left.

All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game
Sunday was a busy day as well. Eric was assigned 4 soccer games and was gone all day. He got home and we went to All-Star Sunday. We caught the end of the Futures game and all of the Celebrity Softball Game. It was so much fun seeing the legends and stars playing. It was great. Probably the best part of the whole weekend.

Home Run Derby
Monday was The Gillette Home Run Derby. It was great seeing Justin Morneau and Brian Dozier. The worse part of the night was the hour rain delay, the 40-50 degree weather and 30+ mph wind. We froze. The rainbow was cool:
My two favorites were out after the first round so I lost interest in it. If it would have been warmer I probably would have enjoyed it.

85th MLB All-Star Game at Target Field
Tuesday was the actual All-Star Game. It was another long night and it was frustrating that the Twins players didn’t get in until the last inning.

Overall it was a good “once in a life time” experience.  

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