Quitting Cold Turkey and Other Related Goals

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1st, the first day of a new month and 6 months from the New Year. It seems like a good day to make new goals.

1) Quitting Cold Turkey
So first things first, I’m giving up my almost daily Caribou Coffee/Starbucks Hot Chocolates. I realized yesterday that I spend almost $70 a month ($840 a year!) on my habit and I could use that money for something else. I’m not going to completely stop; I will occasionally “treat” myself. But I’m limiting that to one or two a month. Hopefully I can stick to this. I will need to find a cheaper alternative though because the drinks have been my 2-3pm snack. I will find something healthier!

2) Run More
May and June were very lackluster running months for me. I only did 43 miles and 35 miles in those months. I need to bump that back up. I have no excuse in July because I’m not really going anywhere (except to WI Dells for my sister’s wedding). So I would like to get back to 50 miles. Thankfully my work is doing the 100 mile challenge with counting our steps so I want to get a lot of steps this month and what better way than running. I’m going to stop worrying that my pace is slow and concentrate on finishing each run strong. We will see about that!

3) Spend Less
This goes along with the first goal but this is broader. I want to eat out less, buy less running gear (which I’m addicted to now) and reign in my overall spending. I’ve been going a little overboard lately. It helps that we aren’t going on vacation this month (except for as noted above).

4) Get Over It!
I don’t know what my problem with biking is. I seriously have developed a fear of it. I’m afraid I can’t make it up the hill, I’m afraid I’ll get a flat tire, I’m afraid that I’m going to fall over again, etc... I need to conquer this fear if I’m going to move on with this Triathlon idea. I still haven’t signed up for my very own triathlon. So far it is just a relay with Eric and DJ. I’m doing the biking so I can get more comfortable in a race setting. I have the running down pat and swimming doesn’t scare me…maybe it should? The one event that scares me is the one I used to love…biking. I need to get the demons out of my head!

5) Lose Weight
The last few months have been stagnant. I did so good from Sept 2013-April 2014 and then May and June hit and I gained a few (or 5 pounds) and I lose a few (or 5 pounds). I want to actually lose again. I’m sick of yo-yoing around the same weight…oh so close to my goal. I hope it will be around 6 pounds but anything will make me happy. I think if I’m successful with all the above goals, it will help me reach this goal. Less eating out and less hot chocolates, more running and more biking, hopefully these are keys to my success.

So that is my goals for this month and really for the rest of the year. Hopefully I will succeed! 

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