A Wedding, Waterparks and Pirates Cove

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We spent the weekend in Wisconsin Dells for my sister’s wedding.  Of course you can’t do the Dells without a waterpark or two!

A New Car
Surprisingly we didn’t drive to Wisconsin Dells…Danielle and Bradley did. They leased a new car on Friday so we decided to break it in. It is a Honda Civic...very nice. We got to the Dells after 9pm so we didn’t get any waterpark action that night. We stopped in Nancy and Greg’s room to meet some of the family and that basically went to our room and crashed.

A Slow Run
I woke up early Saturday, excited for the day. I went for a run…it was very slow. I ran around the whole complex and racked up over 2 miles. On my way back to the room I ran into Danielle and Mike and joined them for a Walmart run. We helped Mike find a new shirt…a 2XL!  Amazing!

Waterpark - Round 1
After Walmart we started our day in the waterpark connected to our lodge. It has this super cool slide that makes you go almost upside down. We did a bunch of the slides and the lazy river…a very cool lazy river with two levels and conveyor belt and small slide to get you up and down the different levels. Mike even joined us!

The Wedding
We took quick showers and got ready for the main event. After a bit of a meltdown because my make turned my face gray…yes I said gray…we were on our way. We stopped for a quick bite at Arby’s before heading to the Dells Bells Chapel. A tiny chapel in downtown Wisconsin Dells (think Vegas!). The ceremony was very short, only 10 minutes. And we stopped for drinks down the block before heading back to the lodge for dinner. It went well. Here are some pics:

Waterpark - Round 2
We didn’t waste any time and headed to the waterpark for more outdoor and indoor fun. We did the outdoor slides at one of the waterparks on the compound. We also did some of the indoor ones. Eric and I went down one on a big slide and we “pancaked” which meant I hit his head with my head and this was the resulting bruise:

It hurt so bad I thought I’d get a concussion! We sat out a couple rounds and finally went into the wave pool. We were in there for a long time. I was clinging to a tube, the waves were pretty violent! My arms still hurt!

Pirates Cove - Round 1
After all the waterpark stuff, we went to Pirates Cove for some mini golf. Danielle killed us all. We must have had a bad night! We stopped at Mc Donald’s for snack before heading back the lodge.

Pirates Cove - Round 2
Sunday morning I slept in a bit and helped pack stuff up and take it down the cars. We had breakfast in Nancy’s room. Eric said no to waterparks and I had to agree. I was still in a lot of pain from the day before…I’m getting old! Danielle and Bradley went to the water parks. We dropped Mom, Mike and Bev at the Casino and went back to Pirate’s Cove. This time we did the harder course and it was fun. Eric barely beat me! We picked up the casino goers and did a little shopping at the outlet mall before heading home. We all stopped in Eau Claire for dinner first.

Overall, it was a good weekend…I still hurt!

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