Another 2 day work week

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yesterday was my Monday and today is my Friday.  I love 2 day work weeks.  I’ve had 2 this summer. 

Saturday after church we went mini golfing in Bloomington.  They renovated the course so it is really nice now.  Eric beat me by one I think.  After that we swung by Davanni’s for a deep dish pizza (get the golfing pun there?).  Eric was craving Davanni’s and I wasn’t going to disagree with him.

Sunday we went to the water park at Valleyfair to cool off. It was so stinking hot.  We were there about 2 hours.  The water felt so nice. 

Also on Sunday, I broke the top pipe under the upstairs sink trying to clean the hair out of the drain.  I guess I pulled up the plunger too hard and it cracked off the main pipe.  I was so happy I managed to get the plunger completely out that I didn't realize at first what I had done. I put the plunger back together and it wasn't working properly.  It was then I realized that it broke off.  There was some water under there from when I was testing out the cleaned drain but the towels soaked it up. I duct taped the hole for now (LOL! duct tape does wonders) and put a bucket under the sink until Eric has time to fix it.  But with soccer last night and tonight and then all the stuff the rest of the week it might not get fixed until this weekend.  Thankfully the duct tape seems to be working and hasn't leaked yet.

Eric has been soccer crazy lately.  He had a game Sunday night, last night and tonight.  The temperatures have been hovering just under 100 degrees and with the heat index it is way over 100.  Poor guy.  He comes home soaked in sweat…it is gross.  And we are doing laundry every night.  He already has 2 games next week too. Hopefully the weather will cool down.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we have our concert at Round Lake Park in Eden Prairie.  We are playing your standard Sousa march Stars and Stripes and other patriotic songs.  One that we are playing, that I love, is Armed Forces Salute.  This video is amazing.  It is the West Virginia University Marching band playing this song and marching in formation.  I love the last one of the submarine.

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