It’s only Tuesday?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It has been a long week already and it is only Tuesday!

Saturday was very busy day and we were outside literally all day. I woke up and went for a run. The temperature increased almost 10 degrees from the beginning of my run to the end. It was also very humid. I did 2.6 miles so that was good.  I’m struggling with getting runs in. It has been too stinking hot and humid.  According to the weather guy we have hit 85 degrees or higher for 21 days in a row. The record is 23.  The current forecast would put us at 27 days.  I guess we will see.  Anyways, after my run and shower we went to Hopkins Raspberry Festival with DJ and Beth.  The Root Beer stand is gone :( which makes me very sad. I played my concert and we bolted for the car to head to TCF Bank Stadium at the U of M campus for DCI.  It was so much fun.  There were some amazing groups.  We stuck around to see who won and I was sad because my favorite didn’t win.  It was almost 11pm before we got out of there.  Here is one short video I took.

Surprisingly, I slept in until 10:30am on Sunday!  Boy did I pay for it though; I didn’t get to sleep until 1am Monday morning.  We really didn’t do much Sunday.  We checked out Greg and Celeste’s new flooring and had lunch with them. That was about it.  Eric also had a soccer game. 

Yesterday we had a Twins game. It was 100 degrees at game time and didn’t really cool off. It was still over 90 degrees on the car ride home at 11pm.  Yep. It was a really LOOOONNNGG game.  Twins scored 7 runs in the first inning and 12 additional runs in the other innings.  It was a marathon game and in the heat it was a bit miserable. Thankfully they were winning.  So again I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. 

The lack of sleep the last two nights made today a really long day too.  I’m busy so it went by pretty fast but it was hard keeping my eyes open.  I think it will be an early night tonight. Fingers crossed I’m in bed by 10pm.

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