Soccer and Band

Friday, July 13, 2012

So this week has been filled with Soccer games and Band Concerts. 

Sunday I went with DJ to watch Abbie’s soccer game in Minnetonka.  It was pretty awesome. I got to see some dude break his leg in the game before hers. There was a lot of action down by the goal and then we hear this screaming and players running off the field yelling CALL 9-1-1!!!  It was kind of exciting.  I guess it was a compound fracture! We had to wait for the ambulance to come and haul him away.  It definitely livened up my evening.  Eric had his own game of soccer to ref. 

Monday was another soccer night for Eric.  He reffed a Division 1 Women’s game.  He said it went well.  He really has been getting a lot of games recently.  He has another game Sunday and three the following week. I managed to go for a run. I’ve been really slacking in that department. I was able to do 2 miles nonstop so that is good and my time was faster than the last time I went.  I really need to get on this kick again.

Tuesday I had a concert in Minnetonka.  It went well. Eric came along to watch Haley, my friend’s kid.  She was crawling all over him, it made me laugh.  She was very loud and disruptive so he took her to the playground.  All these little kids were hanging around Eric and talking to him. Eric doesn’t understand why little kids are attracted to him. I was picking on him. “Come here little girl” in a snarky voice. LOL!

Wednesday was the only night this week we didn’t have any soccer or band.  It was a bit hot so we went to the waterpark at Valleyfair.  It was kind of dead so we didn’t have to wait in line for anything and the big wave pool was mostly empty. 

Yesterday I had a concert at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.  It is such a nice setting and area.  Again it went well. We were entertained by this woman who performed what I would call interpretive dance.  It reminded me of my time at the mental hospital…if you get what I mean.  Another funny thing happened when we played Trombone Tiger Rag.  For the whole concert it was grey and cloudy but right before we played that the sun shined through the clouds right on us.  It was like God was turning the spotlight on us for our song.  What is even more bizarre is when we were done with the song the sun went back behind the clouds. My only complaint about the place is the low flying planes over head, they were very distracting.

Tonight we went to Abbie’s district soccer game. Districts were in Shakopee so we didn’t have very far to go.  Unfortunately, their team lost 3-1 to Prior Lake.  Abbie’s team finished last in the division so they had to play the best team. It was nice to see her play again.  She is very fast.  But it was her last game of the year because it is one and done.

Tomorrow is another busy day for us.  I have a concert in Hopkins at 2pm and then Beth, DJ, Eric and I are going to a Drum Corps International competition at TCF Bank Stadium on U of M’s campus.  I’m excited, 24 bands from around the US performing on the football field. It should be awesome! It starts at 1:30 (so yes we will miss a few bands) and goes until 10pm.  The Minnesota Brass is performing at 9:45pm so we will get to see plenty of performances.

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