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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let see what have we been up to this week?  Wednesday we worked on Eric's paper and I went grocery shopping.  Such exciting stuff.  

Thursday was a normal day until we got rear-ended on the drive home.  Thankfully I left work early so Eric could get to his dentist appointment on time.  We were driving through the construction on Hwy. 169.  It was stop-and-go for miles.  When we were on the bridge we got rear-ended by a woman in a Cobalt. We were driving the Escape so the Cobalt looks worse then ours.  Her grill was smashed in but not that bad.  She was in a hurry and Eric needed to get to his dentist appointment so we just exchanged info and drove off.  She also didn't want to call the cops...by the conversation we had with her, it seems like this is not something out of the ordinary for her.  Anyways, the damage to our car isn't that bad.  We are getting it fixed on Wednesday. 

Eric had class Friday night and I took advantage and reorganized again.  I moved our coffee table into the garage and wow that really makes the room look huge.  With our tiny townhouse, anything helps.  I bought a bunch of those plastic bins and filled them up with junk that just clutters the house.  I really hate clutter but our house has tons of it. I also moved the furniture around and prepared the living room for the shampooing I was planning on doing.  So yesterday I shampooed the carpet, it looks much better but I still want new carpeting.  Someday I will get my wish.  That took most of the morning.

Yesterday afternoon I drove down to Mankato to go car shopping with DJ, Beth and Abby.  We test drove 4 cars and I fell in love with one of them.  I really miss our Jetta...we test drove the 2010 and the 2012 Jetta. I'm in love with the 2012...but alas no new car for me anytime soon. The girls liked the Toyota Corolla.  We also tried the Nissan Altima but didn't get very far as it was out of gas.

Today is pretty boring...Eric went to the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises." I stayed home because that is the not the type of movie I like.  Eric will be happier without me. So I'm home alone....nothing good happens when I'm home alone. LOL! I love s'mores and we haven't been camping in a while so I decided to make use of our left over marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate and create my modified s'more (20 seconds in the microwave).  The marshmallows get so puffy and huge.  As you can tell, the most important part of the s'more is the chocolate.  I really don't like marshmallows, but you can't have a s'more without them.   They are so good. 

That really is the excitement of my day.  

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