My life is really not that exciting...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My life is really not that exciting.  I don’t really have much to write about it.  Since I last wrote, I had band practice Thursday night. I am a band geek. Friday I worked late (again) and crashed on the couch and watch TV.  Saturday I woke up really early (of course I did, I could sleep in) so I went to the donut shop (because Eric was good and deserved donuts) and grocery shopping. It was freezing and sleeting.  Not a good start to the day.  It was April 28th it should have been warmer!  After that, I came home and brought Eric breakfast in bed (apple fritter and milk).  He got up and we went on our way to Independence.  We had to stop in Burnsville first so Eric could get a haircut.  He likes to look spiffy for my mom. 
We got to Independence by 1pm.  We were there all of 15 minutes before we got in the car and headed to La Crosse to see Nancy and to go shopping.  We need to get a cord for her computer monitor and I need to pick up some accessories for my new camera (which I LOVE!).  We stopped at Nancy’s and went to Pizza Corral for dinner.  Very good pizza!  On our way home we stopped at Tamarack Bar for a drink.  Becky was working and Mike was there.  And then we came home just in time for Mollie B’s Polka Party. As I said before, tradition at Mom’s house.
Sunday was my Godparents, Ed and Shirley Suchla’s 50th Anniversary Party.  We went to 10:30am Mass were they had a blessing and then we went to party.  It was a small affair.  It was so nice to see their kids again.  Todd was up from Florida with his girlfriend.  Tim was up from New Mexico with his girlfriend.  His two daughters were also there.  Teri was there with her family, she has 4 kids now.  Wow! 
After the party Eric and I took the long way home again.  This time we went via Hwy 10 through Mondovi, Durand and Prescott and every other small town in between.  It was a nice drive but very slow!
This week has started out kind of busy at work.  Yesterday I managed to go for another run. I’m getting slower, not faster!  Oh well, at least I did it.  Tonight my volleyball team is getting together for dinner. Yum!
The Wild Bunch!

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