What a whirlwind weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My weekend was pretty crazy.  Eric and I took Friday off and enjoyed our day.  I went for a run in the morning (3.3 miles).  Eric woke up and we went for donuts (the most logical thing to eat after a run).  We took Swirl to the vet, where he got a clean bill of health outside of the tooth that needs to be pulled in a couple weeks.  After we got Swirl back home we went to Don Pablos for lunch. Yum! We hadn't been there in ages and I really had a craving for chips and salsa.  We did some shopping and came home and got ready for Abbie’s Confirmation.  Eric and Abbie had to be there at 5 so Eric dropped me off at DJ house.  The Confirmation was nice; the Bishop for the Winona Diocese seems like a good guy, he was funny and not overly serious.  After some cake we made our way home.  Eric had class Saturday and I had a flight to Milwaukee.
Danielle came up early Saturday morning and the Stayers gave us a ride to the airport for our short flight to Milwaukee.  Not that eventful. Mike and Dylan picked us up and we meet everybody else at Dylan’s house.  We went to the Twins/Brewers game at Miller Park.  We tailgated beforehand, but it wasn’t really tailgating as we ate sandwiches and didn’t grill but it was still good.  It was HOT out but thankfully our seats were under the overhang so we didn’t get the sun.  It was a fun game.  11 innings of back and forth and finally the Twins were victorious thanks to Plouffe’s homerun in the top of the 11 inning.  I was the only happy person of the family as Detroit (Greg’s team) lost too.  Yay for Kim!  We had a late dinner at Applebee’s and the family played cards (of course).
Yesterday I woke up at 6am to this annoying loud crash.  I kept hearing it over and over.  I opened up the door to yell at housekeeping because their door was outside our door and I thought it was them.  Nope, it was Mike, the towel rack fell off the wall and he was trying to put it back up. Haha.  We had the awesome breakfast and went off to the graduations. 
The first graduation was long but ok.  Hank Aaron was the commencement speaker. It was cool to hear from a baseball legend.  The second ceremony was only an hour but it was boring.  After the second graduation we went to the lake front park for a picnic and pictures.  My family left around 3.  Dylan, Danielle and I hung out at the beach and walked around the hills around the lake for a while and then he should us his place for next year.  We made our way to the airport a little early but that was ok.  The airport has a used book store and Danielle actually was interested in, she even said that was the most interesting thing at the Milwaukee Airport…a book store!!!  But they had a Math section. Our flight was again uneventful; we got our peanuts after we had started our decent.  It is only a 45 minute flight so what do I expect?  We got home about 9:00 last night.  It was a great weekend with lots of fun and food.

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