Another Classic Meltdown at Turner Field

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am known to be fairly composed most of the time, but I am prone to meltdowns, especially when it deals with my camera or website.  Today was another meltdown.  We got on the Braves' Shuttle and got to Turner Park at about 6:30pm. Before we went in the stadium, we walked around the outside to see the statues. I went to take a picture and bam "No Memory Card."  SHOOOOOOOT!!!!!! (Well I didn't really say that but I want to keep it clean.)  My memory card is still in my computer...back at the hotel.  The stadium is not really transit friendly and there are no shops or really anything around the park.  We tried to find a store nearby...nothing.  By this time it is burning hot and I'm very upset.  I told Eric is doesn't even pay to go inside if I can't take pictures (a little melodramatic). Eric said that the Team Store would have one but I was doubtful.  So we started walking the 2 or so miles back to downtown, we don't see any buses along the way and we were on a main bus route. We finally got to the Underground Atlanta, a shopping center.  No card. We could have walked back to our hotel but our hotel is another half a mile or more away and the Braves Shuttle left from Underground Atlanta.  We found one at CVS pharmacy and spent an arm and a leg but Eric said it was worth it to stop my whining.  Now I have 2 SD cards for my camera...hopefully this never happens again.

The game was ok, not that interesting.  The seating arrangement is stupid.  I had section 220, Row 5, Seat 1.  I went down to Row 5 and they had seats marked as 101. I thought this was our seat but no we were on the other side seat 1.  So the rows went 1-10 or whatever from the aisle.  The other side of the row goes 101-110 or whatever from the aisle.  That is so lame! The were not many food choices and we had to walk over 10 sections away just to get a stupid hot dog!  When the Braves hit a home run the Coke Bottle would blow its top and fireworks would come out of it.  For strike outs there was a "South Gas" bomb or something that looked like a bomb that was light. The Braves' trademark tomahawk music and chop got annoying really quick.  As a result I was rooting for the Cardinals. The game was close, Braves beat the Cardinals 5-4.  I would say that Turner Field ranks near the bottom of my stadium favorites list.

By the way, the Team Store had an SD card...Eric was right. Stupid me! :(

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