I’m still running!

Monday, May 14, 2012

So I started this running routine in late January and I was really slow and could barely run a quarter of a mile without stopping.   I was majorly out of shape.  Its 111 days later and I’m still doing it!  This is the longest I have stuck to running.  There was a 2 week break in there when I didn’t do it but, unlike the other times, I didn’t wait 8 months or a year to start again.  That says a lot.  And I topped the 3.5 mile run from Wednesday with an over 4 mile run on Saturday! What makes it crazy is I looked at my watch at 45 minutes and said to myself, I can run another 15 minutes.  I’m still slow, 4.2 miles in an hour is slow.  However, I felt good and I enjoyed it…Did I just say that?  I started my run at the house at 7:15 am after Swirl woke me up at 5:30am.  It was cold at first and I wanted to quit after the first quarter mile but I kept going.  I was just going to do the normal 2 miles but when I got the Hwy. 101 (where I usually turn around) I decided to go running in Memorial Park.  It was a nice morning, the birds were going nuts so what better place to run than along the river, in the woods with birds keeping me entertained.  I ran all the way to the campground but had to turn around because the river is flooding again.  It’s a lower area and any big rainfalls will cause it to flood.  I ran back to Hwy 101 and came close to my house but I was so close to an hour I ran around the paths by the house.  I did a full hour and I felt like I could have gone longer.  Am I really starting to like it?  I guess so!!
After the run and the 30 Day Shred video and then I collapsed on the bed and took a nap, an unplanned surprise.  Eric woke me up at noon and we went out for the day.  We went to his favorite, Boston Market for lunch and stopped at Barnes and Noble for the newest Doctor Who release.
Saturday evening we went to another Twins game.  It was such a nice night but unfortunately they lost. (Big Surprise).  That was my second game in a week; I have two this week too.  One is tomorrow (day game) and one is Milwaukee on Saturday.
Sunday wasn’t too exciting. We went mini golfing for the first time this year. I kicked Eric’s butt.  I even got a hole in one!  Yay!  After that Eric had another soccer game so I was all alone.  I went for a short bike ride of about 8 miles (the wind killed me) and did the Shred Video. 
Overall it was a nice weekend.

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