World of Coke and Fish

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eric at World of Coca-Cola
Yesterday was a busy day.  We got a lot done.  First was the time change snafu.  I forgot that we were in central time and Atlanta is in Eastern…so we brought the car back an hour late…oops!  On our way back to Atlanta from Auburn, AL we stopped at Auburn University.  We checked out their famous Sanford Hall and the stadium.  We made our way to ATL and dropped off the car and took the train into downtown Atlanta.  Thankfully we were able to check in early to the hotel to drop our stuff off in our room before we headed out to explore Atlanta.  First stop was Centennial Olympic Park.  If you will remember, Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympics.  They are very proud of that as you can see remnants of the event everywhere! I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed in the park, it was small!  We walked through the park to the World of Coca-Cola.  It was an interesting tour. We got to see the vault that holds the secret recipe (I doubt is actually in there), international and old commercials and the final stop was the tasting room of different Coke products sold around the world.  Some where good, others were horrible.  Barq’s Rootbeer was my favorite and I don’t even like Barqs.   I tried Coke and I’m not sure why I was addicted to it for so many years, it was horrible.
Whale Shark, Georgia Aquarium

After the World of Coke we went to the Georgia Aquarium.  Just like every other aquarium but apparently this is the largest one in the world.  It was nice, I got to see some whale sharks, beluga whales and the dolphin show was awesome…probably the best dolphin show I’ve ever seen. 

We ventured back to our hotel and just hung out.  Eric started writing his paper and I updated my website. 

Today I actually slept in until 9!  Amazing!  Our first stop today was the CNN Inside the Studio Tour.  It wasn’t that exciting.  We got to see the live CNN anchor.  After a Chick-fil-a.  I love Chick-fil-a but they aren’t in the Midwest so I take my chance to eat there while traveling.  Yum!  After that we headed to the Zoo.  It wasn’t anything spectacular but I got to see Kangaroos, Elephants and Panda Bears.   The things I can’t see at either of the Minnesota zoos.  

Now we are relaxing (Eric is sleeping) in the hotel before we leave for the Braves Game.   I can tell Eric is asleep because there is no way he would have left the TV on this channel. LOL!

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