Have we found our Diamond in the Rough?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Well it has only been two full days since my last blog but boy has it been busy! 
Eric is working like a dog refereeing soccer.  He had a game Sunday (but it got rained out) and Monday. He has one tonight and tomorrow night and 3 days next week already.  Woo Hoo MONEY!  I’m such a mean wife, he works so hard and I take his money.  But it is our vacation fund.  He will enjoy it in June.
I made money too!  While I was cleaning the house on Sunday I decided to sell some of my old stuff on Craigslist.  I listed my Nikon Camera that I like but didn’t use for very long.  Within two hours I had sold it!  The girl who bought loves it. I met her and her mom to exchange the goods Monday night.  That was a quick and easy $75. I could have probably gotten a lot more for it, but I sold it quickly to somebody that will love it more than me and it isn’t sitting on my shelf anymore so I’m happy.  I wonder what else I could sell…hum…
Last night we went to the Twins game.  Surprisingly Twins Win!  On a funny note, Eric and I both work in downtown Minneapolis. So he parked by my building before the game and I meet him in the lobby.  As we started walking to the stadium he asked if I had the tickets...DAMNIT!  Morning checklist: Jeans…check, jersey…check, baseball cap…check.  I guess I better add tickets to that list.  Stupid me! So we had to get back in the car, pay $6 for 15 minutes of parking and drive home (25 miles) in rush hour traffic to get the tickets.  It took us an hour! Turned around and drove back downtown in Twins traffic.  We were running late for the game so we parked across the street from the stadium...$13.  It was an expensive night before we even got into the stadium!  Oh well, we laughed about it.  You know where my camera cash went, don't ya! LOL!   Good thing they won!
The pitcher last night was Scott Diamond (get the Post Title now…haha).  He came up from our Class AAA Rochester, NY where he has had a great year.  Last year he went 5-19 with 30 combined starts for Class AAA Rochester!  It was a well pitched game.  And we also got another great player from Class AAA Rochester, Brian Dozier.  He looked like a veteran last night with some of the plays he made at shortstop.  He was fun to watch. Hopefully this is the turning around point for the Twins.  I hope so, otherwise it will be a painful rest of the season.

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