Hump Day! Hooray!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hum… It’s Wednesday.  Hump Day!  Hooray!  This week is so much better than last week.  Thankfully my boss is back, wobbly, but back.   She had vertigo and still has some lingering effects.   We are just as busy but there isn’t the uncertainty like last week.
On Sunday, Eric and I went to American Reunion.  We have seen all the other American Pie series of movies, even the one that didn’t make to theater, so we had to see this one.  It was ok, not as funny as the other ones but they are 10 years older now and have kids and responsibilities.  And we all know that when you get old like me, you aren’t as funny anymore.
Also good news this week…
I went for a run Monday night.  It was so beautiful outside that I had to do it.  My toe still hurts and it hurt like hell for the first quarter of a mile or so.  Eric of course took off and was way ahead of me so I had nobody to complain to so I kept going.  I don’t know if I’m I becoming more tolerant of pain or if my toe just went numb, but after that I didn’t have any pain.    The run felt good…well as good as running can feel I guess.  The last quarter of a mile I was dealing with lower back pain.  That is a new pain for me, maybe my toe pain transferred to my lower back.   I’m always complaining about something.
Last night I had my last volleyball game for the season. L  As I’ve mentioned before, I love volleyball but it gets hard to play indoors when it is so nice outside.  We lost 3-1 but the games were all very close and we only had 5 players. 
That’s about it from here.  Saturday we are heading to Wisconsin (I know…again?!?!?) My Godparents are celebrating their 50th Anniversary so I thought I should go.  I know Mom is excited to see us again.
Time for Ginelli’s pizza.  I’m SO glad Lent is over. J

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