Easter weekend was great

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter has come and gone and now it is spring…but the weather got colder.  What gives?
On Holy Thursday I celebrated the end of Lent (per Eric) by making Monster Cookies.  Yum!  They were delicious.  Good Friday I spent relaxing at home, a short bike ride with Eric and a drive to Wisconsin via Mankato (we shall go west to go east).  We picked up Danielle on our roundabout way to Wisconsin.  It was cool because I got to meet her boyfriend, Bradley.  First impression was good.  :-)
We spent Friday night at my sister’s new place in Holmen.   It is very nice.  We are such party animals that we devoured a cheese pizza, drank A&W Root Beer, watched the Breakfast Club on HBO and went to bed early.  We are such losers. 
Saturday morning I managed to somehow sleep until 8:30am.  It is amazing.  I got to see the annoying robin that is terrorizing Nancy and Greg.  I don’t get it this robin bangs his beak against the glass starting at the bottom and flying up the glass.  He falls down the bottom and does it again, and again, and again, and again. I got a 40 second clip of it on YouTube.    Nancy, Greg and I went shopping for Mom’s birthday present. We got her some new clothes (Greg is a fasionista and loves to buy clothes for people) and some sandals.  The sandals were my idea because she loved mine and they had the exact shoes at Rogan Shoes.  Now Danielle, Mom and I have the exact same shoes.  Haha.  Mom loved her new clothes and shoes.  We did good!  Saturday afternoon we had a grill out on Greg’s new grill.  It was some good food.  T-Bone, Chicken, Ribs etc…  After dinner we drove to Mom’s for the night.  Of course we had to watch Molly B’s Polka Party on RFD-TV.  This is a tradition at Mom’s house.  LOL! 
I had a bit of a fright Sunday morning.  Mom’s alarm went off at 6:15am and after 2 minutes she still hadn’t shut it off.  Of course my heart raced and I thought oh dear God Am I going to find my mom dead on Easter morning? I know it is a horrible thought but my mom usually wakes up.  I went into the living room and shook her up.  She didn’t hear it! Scary start to my day.  We went to 8:30 Mass in Whitehall and then went to Mike’s house.  Mom started barking orders again. LOL!  But we got everything ready and it was a good meal.  The whole family was there as well as my aunts Betty Jane and Jackie and my cousin John and his wife Sheri, and some of Mike’s friends.  After we ate we had an egg hunt.  We were put into teams. I had Sheri. Mike gave us clues as to where the eggs were hiding and we had to find them.  Our first one was difficult. “Wind them up and plug them in”  Do you know where the egg was???  Some of the other ones were easy.  We found an egg for one of the other teams, I thought it was Dylan and Greg’s egg so I hid it…bending the rules a bit.  It was fun.  Nancy and John won. Either they cheated or their clues were too easy.  So the answer to the “Wind them up and plug them in” the egg was in a box of extension cords.  UGH!
After all that fun we had to make the long journey back home via Mankato and MSP Airport.  First was the 3 hour drive to Mankato.  We stopped over to DJ’s house for dinner and then drove to Greg and Celeste’s house, picked up there van and drove it to the airport.  We finally got home at 10:30pm.  What a long day.  But it was fun.  I'll put the pictures online tonight.

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