Zoo Day with the Stayers

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yesterday I went to Zoo with the Stayers.  Eric had class all day so I had to do something fun because cleaning my house doesn't sound like fun.  I also got to try out my new camera...with amazing results.  Pictures are down below.

It didn't seem like a good day to the go to the zoo since it was cold, gray, cloudy and rain in the west.  But really it was the perfect day!  Most of the animals that I never see because it is too hot were out and active.  The caribou, moose, tiger, wolverine and lynx were in open view.  I got some amazing shots of the tiger.

We started the day walking around in the outside portion since we knew the rain showers would be there soon.  We did the whole loop and it started to sprinkle when we got to the end.

Then we went on the Tropics Trail and Minnesota Trail which are inside the building.  When we left the zoo it was pouring.  We had perfect timing.

It was a fun day and Evelyn loved it.

Here are some pictures.  More can be found at http://kim-eric.com/2012/04.21.12/04.21.12.htm

Bear scratching his ear

Greg, Celeste and Evelyn in the Grizzly Coast Exhibit

Evelyn enjoying the slide

I finally got to see the Minnesota Moose!

Very regal tiger, I got many shots of him, visit  http://kim-eric.com/2012/04.21.12/04.21.12.htm to see more!

Greg, Evelyn and Celeste...Evelyn wanted to run!



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