Day 1 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

Monday, January 23, 2012

My life is boring right now so I decided to accept the 60-day Photo Challenge. Hopefully by March 24th my life will be more interesting. So without further ado:

Day 1 -A picture of yourself with fifteen facts
Fact 1 — I was born and raised on dairy farm in Wisconsin.
Fact 2 — I’d rather be traveling. 
Fact 3 — Beside water, Root Beer is my favorite drink, especially 1919. Yum!
Fact 4 — I have 2 college degrees. BA in Graphic Design from St. Mary’s University and BA in Accounting from St. Catherine’s University
Fact 5 — I had 4.0 GPA for my second BA in Accounting.
Fact 6 — I can play almost any instrument in a concert band except the clarinet because I hate the clarinet. 
Fact 7 — My high school graduating class had only 42 people.
Fact 8 — I love Polka music and make Eric listen to it every Sunday (AM 1350 New Prague) 
Fact 9 — Judi Dench is my favorite actress and I was thrilled to meet her in 2009. 
Fact 10 — Current POTUS candidate Newt Gingrich is married to my cousin Callista.
Fact 11 — British TV shows are much better than US ones. 
Fact 12 — Baseball is the greatest game ever played. 
Fact 13 — My kitchen is full of Coca-Cola stuff, but I don't drink it. 
Fact 14 — I hate ice cream. 
Fact 15 — I’m very egotistical and love taking photos…why also would I accept this challenge

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