Bisek's Polka Band

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I spent another weekend thinking about family.  Yesterday I folded clothes for 4 hours in the morning.  Swirl decided to help me. While I was trapped in my bedroom folding away, I thought I should take a look at the old LPs that my dad had given me many years ago to make into CDs. I never got around to it but I still have the LPs.  I discovered my dad really loved Saturday Night Waltz.  It was on every LP I played yesterday.  I like that song too. 
Last night my sister and Greg came up for the night. We enjoyed a great meal at Turtles Bar and Grill in Downtown Shakopee and this morning we went shopping at Ikea for new furniture for their new house.  Greg and Celeste meet us there and gave me a ride home.
After Ikea, I decided to take a look at the old videos I have of Bisek Polka Band and found a good disk of just mom and dad.  I took 13 songs off it and clipped into individual videos and posted them on  Below is the playlist.  I have other videos but they are too embarrassing.  Poofy hair is not a good look for me.  And let’s not forget the hideous gigantic glasses and the very curly permed short hair.  Yuck! On top of that, the hot pink shirts and suspenders.  What were we thinking?  Yikes!

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