WV is actually beautiful

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010 - 3:32 PM ET - on I-40 East near Durham, NC!

We have been having an excellent day. We drove some mountains, saw some high bridges, deep valleys, waterfalls and rivers. Wow West Virginia is beautiful. We took the Midland Trail (US Hwy. 60) from Charleston, WV. The Midland Trail was commissioned by our very own George Washington! SO it is old! The views were amazing. Good thing Eric drove as I would have stopped every 5 miles to take pictures. The roads were twisty curvy and not much keep us from going off the edge. We stopped at Eagle Nest State Park and got a great view of the New River Gorge. Shockingly we saw a long train carrying coal...imagine that in West Virginia...how strange...HAHAHA. We drove across the US 19 New River Gorge Bridge. This bridge is the longest single arch bridge in the western hemisphere (so the sign says) and at the time it was built it was the tallest. Seriously tall, the pictures don't do it justice. Every year they close the bridge and people parachute off it so you know its high. After that we drove down the gorge under the bridge...this was the old road and it was a single lane most of the way but the view at the bottom was great.

After that we decided to skip the tollway and head down the state highways to Babcock State Park so I could take a picture of the Grist Mill. According to them it is the most photographed spot in West Virginian so of course I had to have a picture. After that we dropped down some more mountains to Virginia. The most exciting thing about Virginia was $2.45 a gallon gas! Considering we have been seeing $2.75/gallon this was awesome. Lets see we also were traveling north and south at the same time. Weird thing. We were on I-77 South and I-81 North. Granted we were actually going east but I thought it was cool so I took a picture of the signs. (I think the only other person that would find this cool is my nephew Dylan....we are atlas/map crazed people). We are currently on our way to Duke University for my Duke fanatic husband. Then we make our way south to Myrtle Beach. Ciao for now!
Here are some "vital" statistics as of right now; Miles driven: 1,322, cops seen: 44, (16 in OH I thought WI was bad!, states/prov. seen: 39 (wow more cops than states!)

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