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Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4, 2010 - 1:15 PM ET - 15 miles west of Indianapolis.
Well we have been making good time. We got to Rockford, IL by 10:30 last night which is amazing considering the 90+ mile thunderstorm we drove through. I actually had to slow down to 50 mph on I-94! We decided to avoid Chicago like the black plague and drove south on I-39 to I-74. So like I said we are about 10 miles now from Indianapolis. Lets see what fun have we had so far? Well how much fun can you have driving through Illinois and Indiana? We saw a lot of corn, semis and fibs (if you aren't from Wisconsin you probably don't understand). We also have been listening to the tunes. We belted out "Sweet Caroline" when the local station had a Neil Diamond Marathon. Reminds us of old times at the Dome. Ah...memories. Hum, we just past Jeff Gordon Blvd. Apparently they really like NASCAR here, I wonder if we will see the brickyard? Who shot MLK? Just wondering....Eric said Jack Ruby. I had to remind him, no that was Lee Harvey Oswald. Weird topics of discussion.... Here are some "vital" statistics as of right now; Miles driven: 656, cops seen: 13, (6 of which were last night in WI!), states/prov. seen: 31....well we are in Indy so time to help Eric navigate! Love ya!

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