Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010 - 7:03 AM ET - West Virgina
Ok so I know I'm suppose to be up already but we have another resident in our room that keeps me from getting just a few more winks of shut eye. This annoying cricket that keeps making that cricketing noise. Oh how annoying! Recap of yesterday, drove through Illinois - Corn, drove through Indiana - more corn, drove though Ohio - State Troopers, 16 in all! Thankfully all buy 3 had somebody stopped. Crazy! We finally got to our destination of Charleston, WV. We stopped at this tiny town gas station that had the cheapest gas in miles and I had the feeling they were going to tell me "we dun't like yer kind har" But alas the people seem very nice. We swung by the capital building. It looks like most others. The grounds were very nice with fountains and flowers. That was the excitement for the day. Exciting, eh? Oh now I hear a train...Nice hotel, except for the cricket, in a weird part of town. Hey the cricket must be all my typing has intimidated him....Ha!

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