I-26 in NC

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010 - 3:18 PM ET - I-26 somewhere in NC.
It is very interesting what a day makes. Sunday driving through Myrtle Beach was crazy. Tons of people on the streets, all the places are open until 11pm or later and it is overall a hopping town. Last night after we watched the Season Finale of Eric's favorite show, The Secret Life, we decided to hit a mini golf place. (because the 36 holes that we had already played for the day wasn't enough). The place was closed!!! 9pm! They really take the seasonal hours seriously. We found one that was open but as soon as we paid he slapped the "Closed" sign on the door. That was the quickest round of mini golf ever. We were the only ones on the course so it was great. We drove down the main street and again...DEAD! I kind of liked it. Now our hotel had quite a few cars still and we saw a lot of school aged children around so apparently they don't go to school (or they are home schooled...don't know). I dragged myself out of bed at 630 for the sunrise and I'm glad I did it was great. I hung around the beach for about an hour. I found this awesome seashell and put it by my shoes as I waded in the ocean....somebody took it! Seriously who low must you go to dig in a shoe to get a stupid shell? I pretty much collapsed into bed and tried to sleep again. We packed up and said our good byes to the Atlantic. The beach was very DEAD, they didn't even put out the chairs and umbrellas! We are now on our way to Great Smoky Mountains. We should be there soon. How exciting!
Here are some "vital" statistics as of right now; Miles driven: 1,854, cops seen: 59, states/prov. seen: 44 (wow more cops than states!)

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