Setting up and the Rehearsal

Sunday, March 15, 2015

On Friday, after my 7 mile run!, we drove down to Mankato to start this wedding weekend. First thing we meet the family at Olive Garden. It was delicious but hard not being able to have meat…no Chicken Parmesan for me. :(  After lunch, we headed to MSU ballroom to decorate for the reception. It was fun setting up the decorations and meeting more of Bradley’s family.

Next up was the rehearsal at the church. Most of us got there without any problems…some got lost though. LOL! The rehearsal was temporarily moved up to 6pm but because of the people who got lost, it was pushed back to the original 6:30. The rehearsal was pretty easy. I’ve been in enough of these weddings that I got it down.

The rehearsal dinner consisted for breakfast food items. Of course, bacon was fried up and boy did it smell good, but I was a good Catholic girl and resisted. I made the French toast. I messed up the batter…I was trying to get the vanilla out of the container and it would come out so I squeezed the bottle and ended up with too much vanilla. People apparently didn’t notice because they said it was good…or they were just being nice to me. I’ll never know. It was an exhausting day and most of us were ready for bed at 9. Except for the partiers…of course, I am not one of those.

The first day of the wedding weekend was a success.

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