I have an addiction…

Monday, March 9, 2015

I thought to myself late last year that maybe I should do less races in 2015. I felt pretty burnt out at times in 2014 and I spent a bundle on races. I thought to only do one race a month. 12 races in one year is a good thing to shoot for. Well that hasn’t happened.

I have an addiction…
Hello, my name is Kim, and I have running races addiction.

It could be worse, I could be drinking or smoking or gambling. But I spend just as much as I could on those addictions. I admit it, I want the swag, I want the bling, I want the satisfaction of crossing the finish line! My addiction is stronger now than ever. Over the weekend I registered for 4 races. Yes 4! I had originally thought I’d register for one every month on a payday. Well that didn’t happen. This weekend I registered us for Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Relay (I originally planned on doing the whole thing but I’m not there yet), Valleyfair’s Run and Ride Route 76 10K, Summer Breeze 10K (in London!), and the Torchlight 5K. I spent more money than I really should have but I’m so excited and at times nervous.

But I’m not done yet. There is still a Duathlon, another half marathon relay and a marathon relay I want to register for. And all of those races happen before June!

One race a month? Ha! Try two or more!
So including the Hot Dash this weekend, I will have two or more races in March, April, May and July, September and October. I have already registered for 3 races in October. This is a bit ridiculous. My whole “one-race-a-month” philosophy just got thrown out the window!

Now that it has decided to warm up to perfect running weather, I’m hoping to catch up on my miles. January and February were dismal at best. Only cranking out 35 miles each month is not great. I was over 100 miles at this point last year. I’m such a failure this year. But March is here and the weather has been perfect. I covered just over 9 miles this weekend with a 5K race on Saturday and a nice long 6 mile run yesterday. It was slow but it felt good…except for my stupid knee. The forecast for the next week is awesome with 50-60s and no precipitation! I have to get my training because there are a lot of races ahead and some are long…like the 15K in 40 days. Oh boy!  The longest I have run this year is 6…I need to get there!

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