February 2015 Recap

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Runs: 11
Miles: 35.1
Races: 1 (Valentine’s Day 5K 35:24)
Outdoors: 3
Indoors: 8
Longest: 5 miles
Average Pace: 11:52

February wasn’t very successful. My average pace was 6 seconds faster than January...big whoop! I lacked motivation and I constantly had various aches and pains, especially my Achilles tendon. I had the flu which took me out for 5 days including a whole weekend. I do my longer runs on Saturdays so that really hurt my miles. I spent that entire Saturday on the couch…really! I only mustered out 11 runs and almost all were inside. February was a cold month with many days below zero and lots and lots of wind so very negative wind chills…I know excuses!

I had one race this month, the Valentine’s Day 5K. My time was ok, a minute faster than January’s race. That isn’t bad since it was below zero for the start and a lot of windy after the second mile. Again, my weight hasn’t come off this month so I’m still luging around an extra 9 pounds of fat. I lost 5 pounds in 2 days with the flu but eventually gained that all back…plus 2 more. It has been very frustrating year in the weight (lack of loss) category.

I know I said I hate January last month but I think February can be thrown into that “hate” category too. I’m glad I discovered the indoor track at Eden Prairie High School…doing 32 laps to get to 5 miles is so much easier on the mind than 70 laps at the Community Center in Shakopee! I’m hoping for more spring like temps in March so I can get outside.

Trophies for February

Most of the trophies for February are your standard ones you see every month including the new for 2015, the Supersonic. I also got the Chocolate Heart for running on Valentine’s Day. Isn't that sweet!

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