Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Dobie

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hair and Makeup
Two words I don’t discuss much but that was what was in store for us girls on Saturday morning. Our day started pretty early. All the bridesmaids, Danielle and Nancy had our hair done at the salon. Some of us also had make up done…none of us really wear makeup. I would normally do my own as I actually know how to do it but alas I forgot my make up at home. I love what they did with my hair. I really didn’t have any ideas what I wanted and when the stylist said braid, I was a little scared. But it turned out great. My only complaint is it felt like it was falling out all day. I think I had the least amount of bobby pins at 25.

After hair and makeup we drove down to the church. We were way ahead of schedule so we just hung out in the basement, eating left over food from the rehearsal dinner…yum bacon! I ate a ton of food, I’m surprised my dress fit! Danielle put her own makeup on. Dawn, Bradley’s mom, bought her the Bare Minerals starter kit and taught her how to do it. She even labeled all the bags as step 1, step 2, etc.

Pre-wedding Pictures
Around noon the photographers showed up and started snapping pictures of us getting ready for the day. You know the type of pictures. Before long it was time to put on the dresses. I knew this dress was going to be on for 12 hours so I waited to the last possible moment to put it on. It fit great. We all liked beautiful. It was time for the real pictures. Danielle was first (because Bradley didn’t want to see her before the wedding). Our session was almost an hour and then it was Bradley’s turn. I took a lot of pictures during that two hours. There were some cute ones and some that were lame. After his session, I headed back downstairs to wait until it was time to walk up the aisle.

The Ceremony
The ceremony was very nice and short. Dylan and I were the first ones to walk in. I did my best to smile! We had to stand up front for the whole ceremony. The pastor was good. He got a few math jokes in too. The exchanged the vows, the rings, light the unity candle and voila they were married. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Dobie.

After Wedding Photos
We finished up all the wedding photos after the ceremony. It didn’t take nearly as long as the pre wedding photos. We headed to Mankato for the reception.

The Reception and Dance
We came into the ballroom in a grand style. Dylan took my bouquet and I took his jacket and he sashayed his way down the aisle. It is the best we could think of. Nick wheeled Ashley in on a dolly. And Bradley and Danielle danced in and he picked her up. It was cool. We ate and then we danced. Of course since it was pi day, we had pi for desert.

We danced the usual polkas, hooky poky, chicken dance. It was a lot of dancing. We partied until 11-11:30pm, cleaned up and headed back to the hotel. I think we got in a little after midnight. It was a long, exhausting but exciting day.

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