July 2014 Recap

Friday, August 1, 2014

Runs: 12
Miles: 37
Races: 1 (Torchlight 5K - 36:14)
Outdoors: All!
Indoors: None
Longest: 4.5 miles
Average Pace: 12:55

I don't really have much to say for July. My pace decreased so it is under 13 again. That makes me happy. My miles went up slightly. The beginning of the month I was focusing on my biking since I was biking at the triathlon so that cut into my running. I also had 3 concerts which also takes away from evening time. I only had one race and I did well. If I didn’t have to stop for a train and traffic (stupid race), I would have had a time under 36 minutes for a 5K. But I’m still chasing that 35 minute mark. This month has been relatively cool which is surprising for July. But there have been some hot and humid days too where it was so hard to run. I would come home soaked…it was gross! I look forward to August. I have 4 races planned so I’m going to be very busy. 

Trophies for July

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