2014 Festival Weekend

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another successful Fall Festival Weekend is in the books. I got to see family and friends again. It was a nice weekend. But traditions were broken.

Ashley for the Arts
Saturday we drove down to Mike’s for a cookout before heading the Ashley for the Arts concert and fireworks. Dinner was good, corn on the cob was the best. I love it! We walked over the park for the concert. I didn’t like the group…there were like a bad Nirvana. I’m not into grunge so I wasn’t happy. Eric and I walked around a bit but mostly we sat through the gritty music. After that was the Hawaiian Fire Dancers. It was interesting, like what you would see at a luau. Then came the fireworks. They were pretty good for a small town. It was like a 20 minutes show. We got home and crashed in bed.

Fall Festival
Unlike prior years there was no going to church early to drop off pies and cakes. We just went to the Polka Mass at 10:30. Afterwards we played the cake walk and won cupcakes. Ate some chicken and chips and played the Rootbeer Barrels were I won two water bottles…just what I need more water bottles. Next was Bingo. We played most of the 3 hours except for a few times we walked around the auction and beer tent. The only winner was Eric. Yay Eric! I never win!

We stayed for the first hour of the polka music and left. We gave Aunt Bev a ride home and stopped at Fazoli’s for dinner and that was about it.

Another long tiring weekend.

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