The Big Drop...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Like I’ve said before, I do the big “no-no” and check my weight everyday but it has really helped me to analyze my weight loss. I tend to fluctuate every day by a few tenths of a pound and on a rare occasion (like today), I weighed exactly the same as the day before.  But every so often I have a big drop of 2 pounds or more.  If you look at me chart you will see it happens once every week or two. And then I stabilize for the most part and have the occasional swing, sometimes back up higher but always it comes back down.  I find these stats and charts interesting and it keeps me motivated.  Especially on those hard days where it seems like the weight won’t budge, I remind myself that eventually, if I keep up with my routine, I’ll have a big drop and I will feel awesome again.
Weight loss since January 2014
So I’m back on the wagon. I have had a good week.  I ran 5 miles between Monday and Tuesday (with relatively no pain!). I also played Volleyball on Tuesday night and I went swimming on Wednesday. A guy threw his kid on my back as I was finishing my last lap.  When I came up he said, “I’m sorry I thought you were done. “ I was sprinting on my last lap so how he didn’t see me coming is beyond me. I guess I must be a quiet, smooth swimmer. Yea right!

Last night was band so I didn’t get a work out in but I figure Thursday are a good off day anyways.  However, I vacuumed the steps and to me that is a workout!

I have found my first triathlon and Eric said he would even participate with me.  I’m so excited.  It is the Heart of the Lake (HOLT) on July 20th in Annandale, MN.  I think it is a perfect starter tri since it is mostly flat and the distances aren’t quite as long as a normal sprint triathlon.  The swim is ¼ mile, 9 mile bike ride and 2.5 mile run. Most tris have a bike ride of 12-17 miles and the run is almost always 3.1.

I had planned on doing the North Mankato tri in June but after driving the bike ride (MAJOR HILL!) and with this prolong winter (lake won’t be ice out until July 4th…LOL!), I don’t know if I’d get in the open water to practice the swim portion beforehand. I don’t want my first tri to be a bust and with that hill and limited time to train it could be a bust and I’d be discourage and never do one again.  I don’t want that to happen. I have bigger goals and I don’t want them crushed at the first tri. Well that is the plan.

Super fun weekend planned ahead…bridesmaid dress shopping!!!

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