3-Day Weekend

Sunday, March 23, 2014

It was so nice to have a three day weekend and I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. So what did I do on my long weekend? 

Spring Lake Regional Park
Well I took Friday off because I had an appointment in the morning. After that I went shopping for a chest of drawers. Ashley wanted over $1000. Yikes! I went for a long run at Spring Lake Regional Park. It is located about 6 miles from our house, across the road from Mystic Lake casino. I had never been there before and I just happened upon it while looking for new places to run. I never imagine an awesome place like this was so close to our house! There are miles and miles of paved trails through the woods and on the open plains. I did a 5 mile run and it felt great. My pace was a little slow, well slow considering I’ve been averaging around 12 minute miles. It was still 13:04 pace and with all those hills that is amazing. It was definitely a great hill work out, I had an overall gain of over 300 feet on my run.  Usually I run on flats.

ZombieRunner San Francisco Run
After completing my 5 mile run, I looked up runs while we are on vacation and found the ZombieRunner San Francisco Run. It is a 10K by the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a very hilly course but I’m not trying to break any land speed records. We have a 3 hour time limit to finish the race, I’m not worried. Eric thinks I’m trying to kill him but he agreed to do it so he can’t blame me completely.

I love Ikea!
Yesterday we went out to lunch at Chick-fil-A with Greg, Celeste and Evelyn. We dropped Greg off at the airport, he is in Brazil. And then we went shopping to Ikea. I bought a new chest of drawers for about $200. I love that place.  It was a pain the butt to put together but Eric and I did it together and we didn’t get into any major fight. We worked so well together. Now I have extra drawer space for all of Eric’s T-shirts and blisters on my hands from all the hard work!

Back to the flats
Today I went for a 3.25 mile run around the neighborhood.  My pace was faster than Friday which made me very happy. I wasn’t expecting that since it was so windy (and cold). I can’t wait for warmer weather…maybe it will come in April.

Here are my splits from the 5 mile run:

Training Recap
For some reason the pool was closed on Wednesday and Friday I ran instead of swimming so no swim miles for me. :(

Miles ran in 2014:  141 miles (only 259 miles left to go)
Week 27 Mileage: Swim = 0 miles; Bike = 0 miles; Run = 12.3 miles; Total = 12.3 miles 

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