Polar Dash -5°K

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well another 5k is in the tank.  This one felt colder than the last one in December but I think it was waiting an hour before the race in a cold "warming tent." Ugh. DJ, her friend Brenda, Eric and I froze our butts off but it felt great and I felt good when I finished and I knocked almost a minute off my time. YES!  My toes were freezing to start but after the first mile my toes were comfy.  The first mile was fast for me. I did it under 13 minutes and it was a bit uphill.  My shoelace came untied but I just kept running.  I eventually tied it near the turnaround point.  My second mile was the slowest but again it was up a hill.  I had to walk a few times. I took off my balaclava but it was too cold without it so I had to put it back on.  I finished strong and came in at 42:06.  I hope to only get faster from here.  Afterwards we ate our bananas and drank hot chocolate and got in the long line for the shuttle buses. My fingers were frozen and hurt so bad. I need to figure out how to keep my fingers and toes warm. Hopefully the Get Lucky 7K will be warmer...fingers crossed.

We stopped at Caribou for a celebatory drink.

Well 3.1 miles done, 396.9 to go for 2014.  My goal is 400 miles.  We will see if I get there. :)

Click here for my map. Here is my my splits:

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