I Hate January!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I don’t say those word lightly and I know “hate” is a strong word but I really don’t know how else to describe my strong dislike for this month. I’m so glad my birthday is in December.  There are many reasons why this month is so horrible.  Firstly, it is always so cold and this year especially.  We had the polar vortex a couple weeks ago and guess what we are getting another one. Yay!  I love below zero “highs.” Secondly, the days are short. I go to work it is dark, I come home from work it is dark. I know it isn’t as bad as say Alaska but it sucks! Thirdly, work is busy.  I mean really busy, nights, weekends, blah, blah, blah.  And January is just the start, I have 4 more months of this to look forward too and that is just depressing.  But my vacations keep me going and that is why I book them so far in advance…I need something to look forward to!

OK enough of my bitching.  On to my workouts. Sunday was a good run.  I did 3.4 miles and my pace was under 13:30.  My first mile as you can see was fast for me…the fastest in a very long time. Mile 2 was good too but the last one I really slowed down. I’m not sure why.

After work on Monday, I dragged Eric out for a run. It was the last “warm” day before we went back into the deep freeze. Tuesday was volleyball. We had playoffs and played a doubleheader. We lost the first game but won the second game. Wednesday was a swimming night. I’m happy to say I’m back to swimming. I couldn’t go last week because I had a cold so it was out. Stuffed up nose and water = disaster! I’m happy to be in the pool, slowly swimming my laps. Thursday was band so no workouts. Friday was swimming again and yesterday I trudged through the snow and ran 3.15 miles. I had planned on 4 miles but we got 4” of snow and not all the paths were clear. My time was very slow but I’m blaming it on the snow. 

I had a setback on my weight loss. I somehow gained over 2 pounds in a few days which was a major downer.  But I got back on track so I’m back to about 27 pounds lost. It is very discouraging but I will press on.

Training Recap

Pounds lost: 27 [after gaining 2]  :(
Miles ran in 2014: 28.9 miles (only 371.1 miles left to go)
Mileage:  Week 18:  Swim = 1 miles; Bike = 0 miles; Run = 9.3 miles; Total = 10.3 miles

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