2014 Vacations

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Well I’ve been proactive with vacation planning for this year.  I know I'm strange because I like to have my trips planned out this far in advance.  I even have tentative plans for 2015 trips!  It helps me get through this horrible 4 months at work.  I keep thinking I just have to make it to May and I can go on my trip. I’m really excited for all our trips…but my tax refund better be big to cover them all! LOL! 

Let’s start with May.  We are doing a multistate trip that I talked about here. So the plan is to fly to Denver on Saturday for Matthew’s graduation.  Spend a few days there and fly to San Diego.  Catch the Twins game there and drive up to San Francisco.  Catch a Twins game there and a game in Oakland and fly home.  I have lots of exciting things planned with this trip.  I can wait…I think I should repost the image:

In June we are going to Seattle.  I cashed in my miles to get a flight out. We have 3 days of venturing around Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Parks. We are going to a Mariners game (of course) and other fun stuff around Seattle.  We are really hitting the west coast this year!

The big trip I just booked.  Eric is thrilled. We have been tossing around the idea to go to Iceland/Greenland for a couple years but never managed to do it.  Well this year we committed and now the flights are booked.  We get to see spouting geysers, Faxafoss waterfall, Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir National Park, home of the Viking parliament. Also Seljalandsfoss waterfall where it is possible to walk behind the falls and then on to the thundering falls at Skogar. Further along the coast we will visit the Solheimajokull Glacier with a short walk right to the edge of the ice before heading on to Iceland's most southerly point with it's black sand beaches, coastal cliffs and spectacular rock formations.  And let’s not forget a day trip to Greenland. Needless to say I’m EXCITED!  

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