The End of a Tradition

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Well it was a bad week food wise.  The fact I’m basically stuck at 22lbs lost is amazing. I was down 24 pounds at one point but like I said this was a bad week.  After all the cookie making on Sunday, I’m surrounded by bad food.  On top of that it was a week of eating out.  Monday was Subway, Tuesday was Cosi, Wednesday was 8th Street Grill, Thursday was Potluck at work and Punch Pizza for dinner and Friday was Cosi again. 

I squeezed some workouts in this week but that didn’t help.  Monday I ran the fastest 2 miles in a very long time.  I had these girls that were running at a pace that was about my normal pace but faster and it was great to run with them.  I only did 2 miles because we had to watch Evelyn. Tuesday was volleyball. I wanted to go for a run beforehand but instead I took a nap.  We went swimming Wednesday for the last time of 2013. :(  Thursday was an off night because it was packed pick up night for Polar Dash in Eden Prairie. DJ and her friend are running it too so we went with her to pick up their packets and then we had dinner at Punch Pizza…I love Punch Pizza!  Friday after work we went to the Holidazzle parade…the second to last parade ever…they are getting rid of it.  So sad! We didn’t get home until after 8 and it was too late to work out.  Yesterday I went to the community center. I really should have gone outside.  The weather was nice (20 degrees) and it hadn’t snowed in a while but I went inside.  I did 4 miles and it was great.   The first 2 miles sucked but the girls from Monday showed up and the last 2 miles flew by. I wish every run would fly by like that!

It was a bad week food wise and workout wise and I’m sure this week will be worse…but starting January 1, I’ll be back to my normal workout routine.

Training Recap

Pounds lost: 22
Week 14:  Swim = .5 miles;  Bike = 0 miles;  Run = 6 miles;   Total =  6.5 miles

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