I Have a New Friend, His Name is Santa Claus

Monday, December 23, 2013

So this morning we left home a little later than we should have and Eric had to drop me off at the first Skyway entrance.  Well this nice old man stopped the elevator door so I could jump in.  He had parked in the garage Eric dropped me off at.  We started talking about weather and Christmas.  He said his name was Elmer and asked what brought me downtown today.  I told him I had to work and he said he did too. He asked where I worked and I told him Ameriprise.  I asked him the same and he said well, what do you think?  And of course I’m like Santa Claus.  He has been doing Santa Claus for over a decade but this was his first year at the downtown Macy’s story.  So we chatted the whole 10 minutes it took to get to Macy’s.  He gave me a nice Jesus pendent for my bag, he makes them in the downtime between kids sitting on his lap:

Anyways, before we said our “good-byes” he said to google “Boy Married Santa’s Daughter”.  He said I might recognize somebody in the video and sure enough here is my new friend:

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