Thanksgiving in Nebraska

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wow it has been a busy week and a half.   And this is going to be a really long blog…so bear with me!

So let’s start with last Sunday.   Nothing too exciting happened last Sunday.  I went for a 3 mile run (inside) and had a good time.  I seem to always run faster inside at the track. I think part of the reason is I have to run 14 laps to get a mile.  I know that I want to run each lap under a minute so if I start going over a minute I kick my butt into high gear.

After work on Monday, we went to the Sports Authority in Roseville to pick up our Polar Dash packet.  There are two Kim Williams running the thing and per their records both had received their packet…hum.  One was mailed…nope didn’t get a package and the other one picked it up at the Monster Dash…nope, wasn’t even registered yet.  So I got a new number and finally got my Polar Dash jacket and penguin hat.  The hat is a bit small but cute.  I like the jacket too.  After that we went to the Rosedale Mall for dinner to celebrate Eric’s promotion!  Yay!  He is now the lead of his group.  I’m very happy for him. 

Tuesday was another volleyball day.  We only had 4 again.  Thankfully Jenny found a sub otherwise it would have been forfeit city again.  The game was at a horrible time…they should ban 9:15 games. Especially the night before our trip to Omaha!  To make sure I stayed awake, I dragged Eric to the community center for a run.  I did two miles at a pace that was under 14 minutes…that was the fastest pace in a very long time.  I was happy.

We had a long day Wednesday, as we drove down to Omaha for Thanksgiving.  We left around 8:00am which was a struggle since I got home so late from volleyball and didn’t go to sleep right away.  We drove down to Mankato and met up with DJ.  We took her van.  The drive was uneventful…how eventful can a ride through Iowa be?  We got to Bonnie’s house around 3 and picked up Juliette and went to the Joslyn Castle for packet pick up.  It was a very beautiful castle.  Abbie wanted to live there.  And the Christmas decorations were amazing.  Such a nice place!  We made a run to Starbucks (of course!) and had lasagna for dinner.  It was a fun day!

Thursday morning was the turkey trot 5K you can read about the race here:

After a long shower we were ready for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a fun evening of food and family.  Juliette, Eric, Morgan and I went out at 8pm for some shopping. It was a much calmer atmosphere and I know I’m bad person but I like the earlier hours.   We went to JC Pennys, Ulta and Target and were home by 10pm. 

Black Friday morning a group of us went to Kohl’s and Bath and Body Works.  I didn’t really go crazy with shopping this year.  With the packed minivan, there was no room for anything crazy!

Saturday I went for a nice 4 mile run along the creek.  It was flat, no wind, the sun was shining and it was warm…30 degrees…perfect!  It felt good too. My pace was a little slow but I’ll take it.  After that I went on base with Leilani for some shopping and in the afternoon we went to this World Fair event. It was interesting…we ate ginger snaps and went on a hay ride.  After dinner we went to the Papillion tree lighting event.  We saw the lights and got a carriage ride.  It was a fun evening.  

Hiram made us some nice hot chocolates afterward. 

Sunday we went to church, packed up the van, stopped at Starbucks (our 7th time of the trip) for a drink and were sadly on our way back home.  The ride home again was uneventfully.

Training Recap

Pounds lost: 20
Week 11:  Swim = 0 miles;  Bike = 0 miles;  Run = 12.1 miles;   Total =  12.1 miles

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