9 weeks and still going!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

So I just completed week 9 of training.  9 weeks and I'm still running and swimming and biking. I'm a little surprised.  So I pretty much went through my weekly workouts in the last report...it has been an off week with all our extra special trips after work.  I didn't get to swim Friday because we went out for dinner with Greg and Celeste. I really tried to go swimming but it was closed by the time I showed up.  It made me sad.  Eric and I went shopping instead. 

Yesterday was my long run day.  I did 5.5 miles and like previous runs, I ran almost the entire time. I think my walking was about a minute.  It wasn't my fastest which makes me disappointed but I got out there and did it and felt great at the end. Here is my splits:

I have discovered I love SmartWool socks. It is incredible how warm my feet feel.  They have great cushioning and after a long run they were not wet.  Normally my socks are soaked but not these.  I have a new love.  

After my run we drove down to Winona and met Mom and Mike.  We had lunch at Jefferson Pub and Grill.  That brings back memories from college!  Eric and I took Mom to the Verizon store so she could get a new phone. She copied me!  But I think she will like her phone.  The sales woman was persistent...I was really annoyed with her. It took us almost 2 hours to get out of the store...CRAZY!  We didn't do much the rest of the night.

Today after church we had a delicious Pork Roast dinner and played three games of this Yahtzee dice game.  It was fun.  Eric left me here at 3pm and I went for my run.  3 miles in the hills again. It felt much better than the last time I tried to run it here. Tomorrow is the start of our Branson trip.

Pounds lost: 19!
Week 9:  Swim = o miles;  Bike = 7 miles;  Run = 9 miles;   Total =  16 miles

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