Wine and Paint

Monday, December 3, 2012

Firstly, I did not win the Powerball. I know shocking. Somebody in Missouri and Arizona won.  It must be nice!

Hansel and Gretel
Well this weekend wasn’t really busy but yet it seemed like it was.   Friday night and most of Saturday Eric was writing his final paper for the term. It was on terrorism…such a nice topic to write a 15 page paper on huh?  By the time we went to church at 4:30, I had almost 8 pages typed.  Not a bad start considering it was due in less than 24 hours. After church we meet up with Greg and Celeste and went to the Holidazzle parade.  We sat in the “hot seats” but it was such a mild night that you could have stood outside in a sweatshirt and been perfectly fine.  As it was, we were roasting in the tent.  Same floats as last year but the Princess and the Pea were missing.  Eric was very dismayed by that. We parked in the Target Parking garage…BIG MISTAKE…it took almost an hour to get out of there.  It was awful.

Yesterday Eric was cruising and gave me more pages to type almost as fast as I was finishing them.  We got to page 15 but he just couldn’t come up with enough to fill the page.  Between the two of us adding more stuff we couldn’t get to a full 15 pages but at that point Eric didn’t care.  It was about 3pm, 2 hours ahead of his deadline.  Whew! 

After a shower, we ventured out for the first time of the day and went to Kohl’s to use up my Kohl’s cash, filled gas and got Culvers.  Exciting day!

Painting crew
Actually the exciting part happened last night.  I met my friends at the Paint Pub in Maple Grove (yes all the way up there) for a Wine and Painting class. I know what you are thinking Kim and wine?  But I went for the painting part. I was a little annoyed that they actually gave us instructions but I guess it was a “painting class.” I just wanted to paint.  It was fun but it made for a long night. Yawn!

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