Technology! What is this magic spell?

Friday, December 7, 2012

So today of all days, a day when work is slow, a day when very few people are at work, a day when I have to ride the bus home, is the day I forgot my iPad.  It makes me sad. What is this spell you have on me technology? I have to settle for view Facebook and Twitter via my smartphone with its small 4” screen.  Oh the travesty!! Well I’m not really that heartbroken but it does bum me out a bit. Like I said, Technology has a magic spell on me.

On that note, yesterday I went to a Business Update and Outlook seminar at The Depot.  It was a day of training.  The afternoon session focused on social media and its effects on the business world.  It was very interesting. They discussed the risks of putting a company out on Facebook and Twitter, but also the benefits too. I have to say it is interesting to see the evolution of the internet from it infancy to what it has become today. I mean you can now take a picture of a check with your smart phone and deposit it into your checking account with a click.  That is crazy but also scary at the same time. One of the other sessions talked about hacking a business’ servers and networks.  The hackers are always a step ahead.  As the presenter said, it isn’t “if” we get hacked it is “when” will we get hacked. Somebody asked if the US can go after them.  Sadly, most of the hackers are from Russia and China and a lot of times the government is paying them to do it.  They aren’t stupid, they know that if they get into some company’s network and find out secret information on something they are working on, they can steal it and do it themselves. They play dirty! Overall it was an interesting day, but some of the sessions were boring…almost to tears.  And the room was freezing! 

On a sad note, the Minnesota Twins don’t care about winning…as evident in their most recent trades.  Denard Span, our amazing center fielder, is now with the Nationals.  I was ok with that. I was sad to see him go but what the heck we have Ben Revere who is just as amazing. Well, I should say “had” Revere as they trade him away yesterday to the Phillies. I found that out during one of the sessions…it was boring and I was surfing Twitter. It makes me very angry that they are giving away quality players for some minor league pitchers. So much for “build us a stadium and we will put a good team on the field,” that lasted a year. 20 years of sucking here we coming.

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