Ho, Ho, Holy Busy Week

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Firstly, I'm very unhappy.  The first day of Christmas Vacation and I'm awake at 6am and can't sleep. Stupid body let me sleep! But we are still here so the Mayan's must have just got tired of writing out the calendar. LOL!  Well I'm watching the Christmas episode of Keeping Up Appearances.  I love Hyacinth...she is determined to be viewed as popular so she sent herself Christmas cards. She has 112 cards...here are the best lines:
 (Looking at Christmas cards) Ohhhh.
Richard (her husband): More Christmas cards? Are they genuine or are they more of those you've written to yourself?
I regard it as a service to those people who may have misplaced my address.

LOL!  I love this show.

I know I'm a broken record but this week has been CRAZY!  It was the last week of work for the year and surprisingly I was busy.  It is good because it made the time go by fast. 

Sunday was the Share the Warmth Concert. It was long buy we sounded great! I don't have a video this year...well I have some videos that my friend's daughter Haley had Eric's phone. Hopefully I can get some uploaded to YouTube.  They are quite entertaining. Afterwards was the Holiday Party. 

Nothing to exciting happened Monday.  I went grocery shopping and made my cheese ball for Holiday Potluck at work. I got to use my new mixer again. It is always exciting when I get to use the mixer.

Tuesday we had our annual Holiday Potluck at work. So much good food!  After work though I had to go to the dentist to fill a couple cavities...it was horrible. I was so glad when they were done.  My mouth was so sore for a couple days afterwards.  It hurt where they put the Novocaine.  After that I had a hard time drinking and eating and smiling was out of the question. My right side would smile while the left side was drooping.  I had volleyball after that so my team was making fun of me. They said that I can frown really well. I went to bed and my mouth was still numb. LOL!

Danielle and Bradley came up Wednesday night.  Danielle was going to work with me on Thursday and Bradley had a test in Eagan. So that worked out well.

Like I said, Danielle came to work with me on Thursday. I got her an information meeting with the Chief Actuary of my company. She learned some stuff but apparently he talked her ear off. LOL!  We also made lots of snowflakes for a project I'm working on for Mom.  So it was fun day...well half day.  We left at 11:30.  I wanted to show her the Macy's Christmas Display.  Well as a result we missed the bus.  We went out the door and the bus took off.  As I wrote on Facebook, I really hate seeing the back of the bus when the next one isn't for 47 minutes. So much for "leaving early." We sat in the Crystal Court of the IDS Center and listened to an elementary school orchestra playing Christmas Music. They were pretty good considering they were 10 year olds. We caught the next bus and stopped by Pizza Ranch for some lunch on the way home.  They hung around the house until 4pm. At 6pm I meet Celeste for a pedicure. It felt great and my toes look nice for the beach.  Eric went shopping for my Christmas presents.

Yesterday was the last day of the year for me at work. It was such a great day.  But it went by kind of slowly.  I guess I was anxiously awaiting our trip to the Waterpark of America. The last time I was there was the last time I saw my dad alive and well.  He died 4 days later. So sad!  It was fun but kind of cold. I can't wait for the 80+ degree weather that I'm going to in 2 days, 23 hours and 41 minutes.  :-)  After almost 2 hours at the waterpark we went to the Mall of America for dinner and some shopping. I got some amazing sandals for our trip.  They are so comfy.  

Well it is time to make my peppermint brownie.  Yum! 

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