Christmas Lights!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It has been really busy these last few days. Thankfully the commutes Wednesday evening and Thursday and Friday were great. No major back-ups but I guess it helps that it was 40 degrees and the snow on the road melted. Wednesday night we picked up Mom, Grace and Bev from the Casino and went to Chanhassen Dinner Theater’s A Hometown Christmas Pageant. It was ok, not the best performance I’ve seen at Chanhassen.  Mom loved it.  Thursday was the usually band night.

Friday night was great. Greg, Celeste and Evelyn meet Mom, Mike and us at our house and we drove down to Mankato. We meet Danielle and Bradley at Pizza Ranch…our new obsession. It was a busy place but as always the food was great.  After that we all piled into the minivan (9 people) and went to the see the Kiwanis Club’s Christmas Light show in the park. Danielle and Bradley help put up the lights and volunteered one night.  It was really cool. We even saw Santa (Evelyn tried to steal his presents) and Reindeer.  We stopped for some hot cocoa, hot cider and brownies and then made our way back home. Mom and Mike spent the night at our house. It was a fun night. Here are some pictures with more on my website (LINK):
Eric and Kim

Danielle and Bradley

Mike and Evelyn looking at the reindeer.

Evelyn tried to steal Santa's presents

Yesterday I was busy from 6am. Mom, Mike and I went shopping at like 7:30 and then we went to Perkins for Breakfast and they went home. Eric and I stopped by the post office to mail some packages and then went shopping. First stop was Barnes and Noble in Eagan.  They didn’t have a DVD/Music section so that was a failed stop. After that we met a guy at McDonalds. I bought a brand new KitchenAid Professional Mixer from him. He had a listing on Craigslist. I got a good deal on it. So far I used it twice and I love it. I’m so excited.  We made a stop at Starbucks (because Juliette got me addicted), Barnes and Noble in Burnsville (we got Eric a talk Dalek stuffed toy) and the Casual Male XL Store for this Snoopy Shirt.  Isn’t it cute?  

Mike's new shirt
Mike said he liked it but didn’t get it, but after thinking about it he said he wanted it so we swung by and picked it up. We got home from our shopping just in time for 4:30 Mass.  After Mass we came home for dinner and watch a movie and then at 9pm we went out for a Peppermint shake from Arby’s.  Quite a busy day!

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