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Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 – 5:15 pm (10:15 am CT)
My feet are is so nice to put them up and watch some Two and Half Men in Germany. We walked about 10 miles today...I'm probably exaggerating but it felt like it. We had a late start. I'm a nice wife and let Eric sleep in. We didn't start our day until 10am, first we watched Mr. Bean. The best part about Mr. Bean in German is he doesn't say much anyways so you don't have to know German.. We started by doing the Rick Steves walk. We got to see the Opera, the expensive shopping street, St. Stephen's Cathedral (this time we actually got to explore, last night we stopped by during Mass. Eric said that we actually went to Mass, although we didn't stay as it was in German and it was the Gospel), St. Peter's church and Hofburg Palace. While at St. Stephen's we went up the North Tower for a great view of the city. Unfortunately we had to take the elevator up North Tower as the 343 steps of the South Tower was closed. Aw shucks...I didn't have to walk up the steps. Actually the South Tower has a better view but our view was the easier one to get to. We checked out the Treasury at the Hofburg Palace, not as impressive as the one in Copenhagen and London but we could take pictures which is way cool. After a great pizza at the Pizza Bizi, (just like Punch Pizza for my Twin Cities people), we did a ring tour on the trams. The Ringstrasse is where the old city wall used to be. Emperor Franz Josef tore it down and put in this boulevard. After that we ventured out the Schonbrunn Palace. It started to snow and got really cold so now we are relaxing in the hotel. Soon we will go out for dinner and a stop at Mc Donalds to update my website. (See yesterday's entry below about the hotel/internet problem)

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