Delta Plane at Gate A22

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boston Logan Airport
Are you f-ing kidding me? So I have now been up almost 24 hours straight. We woke up at 4 am Vienna local time for an early flight to Amsterdam. That flight went off without a hitch. Landed at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and headed straight for the city for an hour of touring. No problem. Get back to Schipol Airport and manage to go through passport control 3 times as we had put our one carry on in a locker there. Also had to go through security twice at Schipol. I even got the "pat down." no problem. Slight technical difficult with the "on demand" video as a result only managed to watch 2 movies instead of the possible 3...No Problem. Land at Boston Logan Int'l airport and go through passport control and customs...No problem (besides Eric's bag being the last one off the plane.) Transfer belt for our rechecked luggage is broken...No problem. Walked the 1 mile or so to terminal A with our luggage and rechecked it at Delta desk. Walked through security for the 4th time today. No problem. Get on our Boston to Minneapolis flight with what was going to be an early departure. Well that was over 2 hours ago. Mechanical problem with the hydraulics so here we sit. About 20 people that were connecting in MSP for Sacramento left the plane so I now am sitting in a row with nobody next to me. That is truly the only good thing. Still sitting here, and I hear the grinding noise coming from below. I sure hope that I can get home tonight. The way it is I will be up for over 24 hours. I really wish I could have slept on my early flights. Oh well.

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