Vienna Airport

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011 – 6:44 pm (11:44 am CT)
Our vacation is almost over, how sad! We slept in...well Eric slept in today and I watched the Nanny (in German of course). Watching the Nanny in German cracked me up because Fran's voice wasn't annoying at was actually rather nice so when they make comments/jokes about her voice the locals here must go huh? We checked out of our hotel and traveled over half of Vienna to get to the airport to check in to our last hotel. It was noon and we were able to get right in to our room...awesome! We dropped off our bags and hoped on a bus to Bratislava, Slovakia. What an interesting experience! Slovakia used to be part of Czechoslovakia and under communist rule until 1993. You can still see the communist influence there, the old check point is still there on the border, the grey concrete buildings everywhere, it is like communism sucked the color out of their life. Anyways they have come a long way in the old city center. Buildings have been redecorated and are very colorful. Some things will never change (like the major motorway they built right next to the cathedral...and I mean RIGHT NEXT, they could have an exit ramp going through the nave.) Also very communist-like that the locals hate is the UFO bridge or the Novy Most Anyways it was a great experience...we wandered around the streets and sights for a few hours. It seems like everybody in Bratislava speaks English. It is great because I know about as much Slovak as I do German! Finally we hopped on packed bus bound for Vienna's airport. It is about a hour each way to and from Bratislava...the closest two capitals I think in the world. We grabbed some lunch at the airport and now chilling in the room watching Simpsons (in German), drinking some Coke and Water and munching on some random food we picked up at the grocery store in the airport. Early morning flight tomorrow....6:55 ugh!

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