Rock ‘n Roll Seattle Half Marathon

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Half Marathon
The half marathon started at Husky Stadium on University of Washington’s campus. There were a lot of people for this race. I’m not sure how many corrals there were but I was in 23 and there were people behind me! I snuck into 20 with Eric. The starting temp was 57 degrees and overcast. Besides the humidity, it was perfect. I ran the first 8 or 9 minutes before I took a walk break. The nice downhill helped with this. J I then went into my run/walk mode. I switched it up, not really sticking to one ratio. I mostly focused on my average pace for the mile I was in. When my pace got fast, I walked for a bit. When my overall pace would creep slower, I would run again. That worked well as most of my miles were consistent. For the first half of the race I wanted to keep my miles under 14 minutes and I was successful at that. I even had a mile that was under 13!  Mile 9 is when my pace went over 14 minutes. For the second half of the race, I wanted to keep my miles under 15 minutes. Again, I was successful with this even though I was close a couple miles. I was close to having another under 14-minute mile for the last mile but the course went up a hill at the end of mile 13 and my legs were shot so it came in at 14:20. Darn! My overall time was 3:03:44. Not my best, of course, but it was my most consistent. And that is my goal right now, consistency.

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