Rock ‘n Roll Seattle 5K

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Perfect Running Weather!
This past weekend we ran the 5K and Half Marathon as part of the Rock ‘n Roll Series in Seattle. It was an overall great experience.

The 5K started and ended at the Flight Museum. It took about 45 minute by bus to get there. We got there with plenty of time to go inside the museum and use their bathroom. That was very nice! I got to see a few of the displays. I think it would be a very interesting museum. The race had about 2,000 participants. The course was straight and flat. We ran down a wide straight road, turn around and came back. Nothing too exciting to see except for some big planes but that was about it. The best thing about this race for me is I had negative splits. Each mile was faster than the last. That felt great. Also, all my miles were under 13. My over time was 39:50 which isn’t great but I didn’t to give it my best as it was a warm up to the half marathon the next day. After the race, they had the usual bananas, pretzels and water. The annoying thing was the bus ride back. A bunch of us waited at the temporary bus stop. The bus never came. We saw a lot of busses going the other direction. The temporary stop wasn’t really a stop as the busses were divert much sooner so we waited over an hour for a bus. ARGH!

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