Palace of Versailles

Thursday, June 1, 2017

We got up sort of early and headed for Versailles. It was so HOT! We stopped at the Tunisian Bakery for breakfast before boarding the train to the city of Versailles. It was a very long, hot ride. We finally arrived and after a bit of spat, we headed to the castle. The line for entrance was so long. We stood in line for almost 2 hours to get in. I’m not sure I would ever do that again! The place was cool but we wasted so much time just waiting to get in. And it was hot!

After walking through the place, we went out to the gardens and fountains. The gardens and fountains were beautiful but it was just too hot to enjoy. We stood in another long line for a sandwich and drink. We walked around the gardens and I got lost and our trip to Queen’s Hamlet took way longer than it needed too. Again it was HOT and I was miserable. We eventually got to the farm, that was cool to see the animals and somehow ended up at the Queen’s hamlet. I was never so grateful for the fresh orange juice guy. It was exactly want I needed! We did a lot of walking and eventually found our way to the train station, it was over a 3 mile walk! We walked 10 miles that day in the heat, it was almost 90 degrees. It was a miserable day. We all pretty much wanted to just call it a night when we got back to our hotel at like 6pm.

I took a shower and just relaxed in bed watching a British children’s cartoon. Eventually I took Grumpy Pants (Eric) out for dinner. After dinner, I got my first chocolate croissant and he got some ice cream and we walked to Notre Dame and sat by the river eating our treats. On the walk back to the hotel, we stopped at the St. Michel Fountain. There was a street performer there and he was great. I actually saw Eric laugh for the first time that day. It helped that the temperature had gone down a lot and it was a great performance. We went back to the hotel and spent some time just sitting on our balcony watching the crowds below. It was a great end to an awful day.

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