Thursday, March 30, 2017

I went for a follow up appointment at TRIA last night. The stretches the first doctor gave me haven’t helped my foot pain at all, actually they made my foot hurt MORE. So I finally got frustrated enough to go back.

The last guy just looked at the X-Ray and said it was tendonitis because nothing showed up on the X-ray. He NEVER touched my foot. I thought that was odd and most people that I have talked to about this agree that was odd. I have since realized he was inept. After he diagnosed me with Peroneal Tendonitis, I of course, went to the web to find out everything about this tendon. One of the things I soon discovered was that my pain wasn’t really near this tendon and when people have this type of tendonitis, it almost always hurts behind the ankle bone. WTF? I really had my doubts about his conclusion but Eric said he is the doctor, he knows, “Google doctor” is always wrong. So for two weeks I did the foot and ankle stretches even though it caused excoriating pain in my foot. I finally had enough!

I saw a different doctor last night. My new doctor was great. We talked a lot about running. He looked at my file and started touched the outside of my foot and said where does it hurt? He actual TOUCHED my foot, WHOA!! I told him quite bluntly that my pain has never been on the outside of my foot and that the last diagnosis confused me. I showed him where the pain was actually located and he said hum…and had a confused look on his face. Apparently he was confused by my diagnosis too…THANK YOU! He did some manipulations to my foot to see what hurt and what didn’t. He really pressed down hard on my hot spot. He said that he thinks it is a stress fracture of the 5th metatarsal but there is a potential I have a ruptured tendon. Unlike the last doctor, he said I need more conclusive information and ordered an MRI immediately because as he said, “Stress fractures rarely show up on X-rays when they are fairly new.”  I had been telling Eric this for two weeks and his reply was you know more than the doctor…this time I did know more than the first doctor!

I got right into MRI and it was such a weird experience. I had a faint idea what I was getting into thanks to TV but it really is a weird experience. On TV they don’t have the odd banging and clanking that goes on. Since they only did my foot, I was only put half way into the tube. I can see why people get Claustrophobic, that tube is so small! The good news is I only had to keep my bottom half still I could scratch my nose. LOL! Thankfully they had noise-canceling headphones which worked but I could still hear the banging.

After 30 or so minutes I was done and on my way home. I find out my results tonight. Hopefully it isn’t a ruptured tendon. It is funny I was praying it wasn’t a stress fracture but now I’m praying it is because a ruptured tendon would be way worse.

I have resigned to the fact I will not be running for a while. Like 6-8 weeks, if not more. Hopefully the doctor will let me walk my 5k next weekend and I already told Eric there is no way I can do the 15K in two weeks or the half marathon in 31 days. I’m so depressed but I don’t want to make things worse. I really want to run (well at this point walk) the Brussels 20K in May. That is 8 weeks away. I know this is questionable too. :( I have done some research and discovered aqua jogging. You go to the deep end of a pool with a floating type belt and just run under water. Your feet don’t actual touch the ground so there is no worry of making the stress fracture worse. I bought a belt already and starting next week I’m going to take my running into the pool. There have been quite a few studies on this and it shows that people can retain their endurance while letting the foot heal properly. Wish me luck!

Of course I will updated my blog with my results tonight.

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