Hot Dash 5K

Monday, March 20, 2017

13 days after the marathon I ran for the first time and of course it was a race. 

The start was cold and windy. I ran the 5K, poor Eric had to run the 10 miler. I didn't expect much from this race as my foot still hurts. The doc says it is tendonitis. I'm not sure I believe that is it, I'm still worried it is a stress fracture. It doesn't hurt to walk but the spot on my foot is still tender. 

I did surprisingly well considering I thought I was going to walk the darn thing. I actually ran the first 2 miles without stopping, except briefly during the water stop. I was very happy with that. I hit mile 3 and my foot started to hurt but it wasn't in the spot I was expecting. It was my toes, ankle and Achilles heel so that was weird. I like that the course started on the Plymouth Ave. bridge so we didn't have run up it. There really is only a few hills on the course and I ran up all of them. Even the nasty one at the end of mile 3. That is huge for me. I have raced on this particular hill numerous times and I think this is the first time I didn't walk it!

My first mile was under 13, my second was just over 13 and mile 3 was 14. Oh well. After the race I stopped for some hotdish and apple and walked back to the car. I checked on Eric's status on the 10 miler and noticed I had time to find a closer parking spot so he wouldn't have to walk so far when he finished. It was very chilly waiting for him to finish. I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend. That was cool. Eric's report on the 10 miler is that it sucked. I don't like to hear that as that is the same course we are running in a month for Hot Chocolate 15K. :(

Overall it was a good run, definitely not my fastest but considering what I was dealing with it, I enjoyed it. My time was 41:37.

He proposed to her. 

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